Three things the Nigerian youth must learn from Acheru’s book

China Acheru continued his radio tour with a visit to Excel FM 103.7 based at the Rivers State University and he had a three piece advice for students at the University.

It was day two of his Radio/ TV tour to promote his book, A Thousand Times On The Same Road and he pointed out three things students must strive to do.

China Acheru dishing out snippets of A Thousand Times On The Same Road as he continued his radio tour

First, he says they must try to be the best in what they do.

“A lot of today’s generation are not sure what they want to do and always want to be like the next person, but I believe that it does not matter what you do in life, you must strive to be the best at it.

“And this cuts beyond football, into every area of life. Whether you want to be a doctor, lawyer, teacher, brick layer, can it be said that you are the best in your trade? That is what we should all strive for,” Acheru told the radio audience.

He then mentioned the importance of keeping records as another thing the younger generation should focus on.

“Record keeping is important. I got even more popular in 2018 when I announced that I had watched a thousand football games in various stadia across the world, but there is a twist to it.

Maybe you can do better, but first of all it has to do with keeping records

“I believe some people like Emeka Enyadike, Sab Osuji, Anthony Obaseki, and possibly Emma Jemegah could have watched a thousand games before me. The key was that they did not document theirs. I documented mine.

“How many surgeons in Nigeria today remember details of their first surgery? How many lecturers still have copies of the first ever lecture notes they made? I believe there is an importance in record keeping,” Acheru said.

Finally, he talked about following Nigerian sports as a must for the younger generation of aspiring journalists.

“As long as we live in Nigeria we need to invest in Nigerian sports reportage as best as we can. And I believe it is something we must turn our searchlight to.”

The Radio/ TV tour in Port Harcourt started with Ray Power 106.5 FM, Port Harcourt on Tuesday and then moved to Excel 103.7 FM, Port Harcourt on Wednesday.

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