A Thousand Times on the Same Road

A story of one thousand trips around the world. Every journey, having a story to tell about it, all from the eyes of a journalist.​

About The Book

A Thousand Times on the Same Road is a story of one thousand trips around the world. Every journey, having a story to tell about it, all from the eyes of a journalist. This is the story of passion for a thankless job, near-death experiences, sexcapades, adventure, intrigues, corruption, fun, games, thrills, violence and romance. 

It is a book about the dark side of Nigerian football: what you do not see on your television screens, the story of the adventures while travelling down the bumpy roads of Nigeria’s highways, and the dangerous paths at night that lead to terror enclaves.

What Saying

A Thousand Times on the Same Road casts Acheru immutably as a pastmaster of his trade. It drips and rips with heart-warming encounters, heartbreaking situations, gory scenes, ecstatic themes and gruesome accounts as the reader gets soaked in a long story of expectations fully met, hopes dashed, ideas that blossom to fruition, dreams unrealised and people who support you to the hilt, as well as others who bludgeon you at the most unexpected turn.  

Amaju Melvin Pinnick

President of the Nigeria Football Federation (2020)

Irresistible, an insider’s account packed with humour and nothing but the truth. If you want to understand Nigerian football and its intricacies, then this book sure lifts the curtain for more than a peek.

Nduka Orjinmo

Features Writer, BBC News

Anybody who has ever been in a Nigerian football stadium, or been involved in Nigerian football, will certainly find every line, every word in this book resonating. China Acheru is us; this book is all our experiences and Acheru captures it all in a most captivating, enjoyable, easy to follow, market square style.

Colin Udoh



A Thousand Times On The Same Road is about China's journey around football for almost 30 years. No, he could no have said everything but he drops some good bits here. Story telling is becoming a lost artform in the Sports Industry. @Ikwerreman wants to change that. It is a must buy.
Andrew Randa
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About The Author
  • China Acheru

    He is a Port Harcourt-based football writer, blogger and radio broadcaster.

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    He is one of the most widely travelled Nigerian football writers and on April 15, 2018, he celebrated watching his 1000th live football game, the first to record such feat in his country.

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    His football blog, www.NigerianFootballer.com captures Nigerian football in its entirety. Acheru is a master storyteller; an art he learnt from his uncle, Promise Amadi, as a growing child.

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    His uncanny way of telling stories has a gripping effect on the reader that makes it play like a movie you are starring in.

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    Acheru holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology and a Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism. He is married with three sons.