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Acheru explains his passion and secret behind “A THOUSAND TIMES ON THE SAME ROAD”

Ahead of the release of his book, A Thousand Times On The Same Road, China Acheru has explained his passion that led him to write his book that comes out on sale soon.

In his radio tour that commenced on Tuesday, October 27, 2020, Acheru visited a comedy show, 4unky four on Today 95.1 FM in Port Harcourt where he was asked where and how his writing started.

The comedy show is run by Michael Ogolo, Tekena Iyalla, Kunle Tatafo, Daniel D’Humourous and Anni Abdulsalaan. Acheru was asked how the writing started and why a book.

“First, it was my passion for keeping records which I inherited from my father who was the former Registrar of the University of Port Harcourt and the Rivers State Polytechnic”

“Second, I came to understand that people feel Nigerian football stories are all about telling or giving out results of matches played.

“So when people hear that I wrote a football book, they expected it to be all about football results or what happened on the pitch but this is much more that than.”

Acheru insists that his book is more about a journey than the actual football itself and it was borne out of a desire to share a story as has never been told before.

“That is not what the book is all about (scores and statistics). Someone said that this is a football book that is not about football matches and this is because before football players go to the stadium, something may have happened in the dressing room, their hotel or during the trip to the match venue.

“The book is an adventure. In the book you will find love, horror, romance and comedy stories as well as other matters that surround Nigerian football,” Acheru said.

Acheru is a Port Harcourt based sportscaster and blogger, the first Nigerian that have officially recorded watching one thousand live football games at stadia across the world.

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